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I really can’t wait to see them here in Manila on August 25!! 

Ryan Dunson talks about Rookie Of The Year’s new album, Canova Presents: The Goodnight Moon Part II

It takes hard work and dedication to be able to produce an independent album such as The Goodnight Moon Part II. I raised my hands up to Ryan for his persistence and for doing everything he can just to able to give us something to fall in love to. 

If you think The Goodnight Moon was everything your heart can relate to, wait until you listen to Part II. It will just melt you away.

"I remember almost two years ago.. I was sitting in my parents old house in Fayetteville, NC and decided to write CanovaPresents: The Goodnight Moon.. at the time not knowing it would be called that… So instead of doing a kickstarter or indiegogo I started saving money from touring and picked up small jobs.. in my head I kinda wanted it to be the same way The Goodnight Moon was put together and released.. all DIY.. no one cared about Rookie of the Year so we wrote a record that made you care…. and it happened. So instead of writing a Sweet Attention or a super Pop record.. I wrote songs about real stuff happening with me, friends, mess ups, one night stands, forgiveness, sorrow and pain. So after raising the money on my own and recording this beautiful record… I can safely say I’m satisfied. I’m just eager for the world to hear the full thing on Aug 13th.. it’s a story of our lives in a time music capsule forever."

-Ryan Dunson


Rookie Of The Year’s latest album, Canova Presents: The Goodnight Moon Part II, will be out on the 13th of August 2013. 


Bazooka Rocks 2013 Launch Party
SM Sky Dome, Philippines
May 19, 2013
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Music Review: Rookie Of The Year - Canova Presents: The Goodnight Moon Part II (2013)

ROOKIE OF THE YEAR —- Listening to the new Rookie Of The Year record brought me back to the first time I listened to The Goodnight Moon. I instantaneously fell in love with it from the moment the first line was sung flawlessly. Ryan Dunson’s signature soft vocals brought chills up my spine as he whispered ‘this is your life, you could’ve had everything’ on The Goodnight Moon Part II’s opening song “Everything.” Since the first ten seconds, I knew this is the album I would put on repeat for weeks, even months! Also, with their demo for “Three Words” teasing on SoundCloud for four months now, I know I have to hear this album! So if you’re going for a long drive, don’t forget to pack this album with you. It’s so soothing to the ears and calming for the nerves, you’ll enjoy it a lot more.

Additionally, I admire how Rookie Of The Year is consistent with the sound they make. They may have been consciously doing it or not, it’s something that will make you say ‘Hey! That’s Rookie Of The Year playing!’ Consistency is the key to success, being true to who you are, and Rookie Of The Year is one good example for that. They would never let the fans down by jumping from genre to genre. They stay true to who they are from the very beginning.


As early as July, The Goodnight Moon Part II has obviously taken a spot on my Top 10 Albums for 2013 already. Don’t miss out! Do what you have to do to get a hold of this album and so you’ll also know what I’m talking about. ROTY coming out with their 5th studio album — with music still sounding so fresh from the as-sound-as-a-bell vocals, to the light-hearted keys, and to the beat of the drums — evolved on so many levels just to present a masterpiece like this. Listening to this with headphones is a must! You’ll be able to hear the slightest notes, which may hit your heart spot on.

Release date: 13th August 2013


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- Tracey Tan - DRM -


My personal commentary while listening to the album:

At first, I was afraid to click the play button not knowing what to expect on this album. Took a few deep breaths first and regretted nothing.

1. Everything - This opening song can sum up how this album is going to make the listeners feel: it’s like all the emotions in the world that a human can possibly feel in a relationship. All bottled up as one from love, heartbreak, wanting to start over, holding on.. EVERYTHING!

2. Love/ME/Crazy - Every time the high notes were accurately reached, I put my fist up saying “Yeah! Perfect!” Also, this is the first single from The Goodnight Moon Part II.
Say you’ll love me forever. Yes, I’ll love you forever!

3. Light Years Away - Very catchy and head banging is unavoidable. Though the guitar on the intro makes me think about the stars, I don’t exactly know why.

4. Three Words - When most bands decide to put the stress of the vocals on the chorus, this song does the opposite. The chorus is the most chill part of this song which is a nice twist. Plus, I think this song should be a movie soundtrack for a romantic flick. It just fits!

5. Wild and Free (The Way It Goes) - The title speaks for itself —- a very liberating tune which I enjoyed jumping to during the first listen! The last line just sounded a bit like it was from a line dance.

6. Colors of Summer - This song I love so much from the album, my favourite! It’s like I’m feeling the feeling that was expressed in this particular track. It frustrates me how I just can’t pin-point what is it exactly. All I can do is put my hand up and wave it side to side. Something to think about: Is ‘Summer’ pertaining to the season or the girl?

7. Save Me - With you I might die happy. How could you not love Rookie Of The Year with a line like that, huh? Tell me how. No, don’t. Just sing along.

8. Leave It All Behind - The guitar on this song reminds me of “Slow Down” from Sweet Attention, which brings me back to all the memories from that album. I swear, this record is making me reminisce so much, in a good way though. Having the Part II on the album title makes sense now. (My mind might be playing tricks on me because staring at the album artwork while listening to this track somehow makes me hear someone is knocking on the opposite side of that 444 door. Or it was just the drums? Hmm..)

9. Raleigh - ‘Oh my God, I’m in too deep.’ This is exactly how I feel towards this song — actually, for this whole album! Thank you ROTY!

10. Love and War - Maybe it’s just me but a song blended with some female vocals gets my extra attention, especially if it’s one of ROTY’s songs. It just stirs up nicely and adds more depth to its entirety.

11. 444 - From past albums, I know Ryan writes lyrics from his life experiences so when he sang ‘You packed my clothes up in boxes on the living room floor’ I instinctively went all Awwwwww and felt the need to give him a hug. Haha! Ps. I don’t know the backstory but I can’t stop wondering.. Why 444?


Music Review: Palisades - Outcasts (2013)

PALISADES —- I’ve been listening to this album on loop when I decided this is one of the album I wanted to review. The one that spreads the message to young people that being an outcast is part of life and it is definitely okay because at the end of the day, there will be someone out there who got your back. And this band definitely got your back!

It’s like Palisades is inviting everyone to rage out with them in this album. Relate to the lyrics or not, just pour your feelings out and bask into the madness and fly out of this world. Listen as they roar, while it will either make you dance to the electronic breakdowns or cry because you feel like they’ve put to words what your little heart wants to say. 


Go on, pop the CD in your stereo or lock your ears to your headphones, this is the album you want to share your rage to. 


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-Tracey Tan-DRM-



My personal commentary on each song: 

1.  We Are All - I like how the album opens with this song and it has an inviting intro. It kept on repeating the line, “Come with me, in your time of need. When you’re so alone, and there’s no one to run to.” This is the line you would want to hear when you just feel like giving up. 


2. Your Disease - The technique used in this song sounds raw but it transcends to a catchy riff as the song progresses, like warming up for a great round of headbanging.

3. Outcasts feat. Andy Leo of Crown The Empire - This song comes out as an anthem for the misunderstood, and a lot of people can totally relate to it. It has some light lyrics which are easily understandable, paired with electronic beats which make you want to jump along to the breakdown.

4. A Disasterpiece - The title of this song is already genius, disaster + masterpiece. This song kind of goes out to the ones who felt like they’ve been used by someone. Quite some powerful lyrics to this song. 


5. The Reckoning feat. Chris Roetter of Like Moths To Flame - Don’t you just love it when there is gang vocals you can just sing a long to while it build the climax of the song? It’s perfect for live shows!


6. High & Low feat. Tyler Carter of IssuesAnother song with electronic mashed with heavy breakdowns. This style seems to be what’s hot right now and I’m digging it! It’s rock, it’s pop, it’s electronic.. It’s a song everyone would love!


7. The Arctic - Enough with the electronic, this song sound theatrical! Is it just me, or this song reminds me of Bert (The Used)? Maybe it’s the vocals, but that’s not a bad thing! Both Bert and Louis have great voices!


8. A.I. - I think I felt some retro vibe in this song; sounds a bit from the 80’s. The title itself may be from the movie which holds the same name. This song talks about being real from the get-go. Robots, bolts, machines, metal parts, iron lungs, and a heart that can’t get hurt.. Be real!


9. Betrayed - When you feel like torturing yourself by giving everything you’ve got to someone but he/she ends up leaving. The hate in you just wants to come out. This is the absolute rage song!


10. Sidney - Ahhh! My favorite song from the album! It’s the sweet and romantic side of Palisades. It’s an acoustic playing with overlapping vocals. This is the song if you want to get the girl.


11. Scarred - “Damn son, where’d you find this?" Surprise! Rage song! Get out and sing at the top of your lungs!! 



Music Review: Avastera - The Clocks Have Ticked Too Long (2012)

AVASTERA —- the name itself is quite unique already, and so is the way they mash their music. With the lovely sound of their first single, “December Sun”, listeners might get the impression that they are just a pop-punk band… but this band is more than just its single! These five promising Australian lads already released their first album The Clocks Have Ticked Too Long (2012), and it already presented how versatile they can be with different styles they put in each song. I have to admit I feel like jumping whenever I hear the catchy drum breakdown “Highways From Home” has; same goes to the album opener “Hear Me Out”, they are both feel-good songs you would want to add to your road trip mix tape and fist pump to it with your friends. 

Moving on to the deeper side of the album, “As The Tables Turn” provides literally a deeper and heavier beat by having screams along side clean vocals and shredding guitars. This shows that the band is not afraid to make music outside the mainstream zone, which is a big plus to the band.

Stay updated with the band as they are currently on the works for their follow-up album. 


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Avastera - The Clocks Have Ticked Too Long (2012) track listing:

1. Hear Me Out
2. As The Tables Turn
3. December Sun
4. This Beautiful Nightmare
5. Highways From Home
6. Ms. Conception
7. December Sun (acoustic)
Ps. Is it just me, or Mike sings with a cute accent? ;D

Listen as Avastera’s new lead singer Dylan Symonds swoon you with their single “Secrets

-Tracey Tan-DRM-

Anthony Green, Circa Survive

Pulp Summer Slam 2013

Amoranto Stadium, Philippines

April 27, 2013

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Nick Miller, A Skylit Drive

Bazooka Rocks Meet & Greet

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William Beckett

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June 12, 2012

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